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Our OEM Offerings

MOMOKA has significant manufacturing and design capabilities for you to leverage to your benefit. These include the manufacture of switches, keycaps, and deskmats for a complete and comprehensive product rollout. 

In regards to switches, we are able to provide linear or tactile switches. We offer changes to springs, colours, and limited changes to material (POM stem only, PC or PA66 for both upper and lower housing). Pre-lubing is available with a variety of methods, and we are also able to offer a custom logo on the upper housing of the switch. We are also able to customize the leaf, leaf material, and whether it is 3 or 5 pins. MOQ is 50k units, at a minimum of 0.20 USD apiece. The logo tooling will cost 350-500 USD. The process is as follows:

Idea > Assessment > Price Quote > 50% Advance Payment > Sampling > Manufacturing - 50% Final Payment > Shipment

The lead time from first payment to samples is approximately 10 days. From the confirmation of samples to completion of manufacturing, approximately 10-60 days depending on order quantity.



For keycaps, we offer a variety of legend styles in MOMOKA OEM and Cherry profiles. We are able to offer dye sublimation on 5 sides, as well as coloured plastic + dye sublimation.


For full dye-sub, the price is approximately 56-58 USD per set, at an MOQ of 100. Each set will contain 140-150 caps. The lead time is approximately 20-35 days.

For coloured plastic + dye sublimation, the price is approximately 50-56 USD per set, at an MOQ of 300 units. Each set will contain 140-150 caps. The lead time is approximately 30-65 days.

For lower-quality cherry profile, dye sublimated keycaps, the cost is approximately 40 USD, with an MOQ of 100 units. Each set will contain 130-140 keycaps. The lead time is approximately 1-15 days.


For deskmats, we can offer 900x400x5mm foam rubber deskmats, printed with the design of your choice, at a unit cost of 12.5 USD. MOQ is 100, with a lead time of 5 days.

We are able to offer  a variety of distribution solutions, including entry into Chinese and Japanese markets, and assistance with DROP as a distributor. Distribution includes global drop shipping, with no need to send products in bulk to a distributor. Our shipping prices are also very reasonable. For example, to the US:

FEDEX: around 14.5USD/KGs 10KG+ (2-5 days)
DHL: around 15USD/KGs 12KG+ (2-5 days)
Marine Shipping: 5.43USD/KGs 50KG+ (30-45 days)

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