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MMK Frog Linear Switch1.jpg

MMK Frog Linear Switch

The Frog

Material: PC (Upper Housing)
              POM (Stem)
              PA66 (Base)
              SUS304 Steel (Spring)
              CuSn4 (Contacts)
Lubrication: In-Factory, GP105


mmk white.png

108 PCS Box

​Type: Linear
Operating Force: 54cN
Maximum Force: 62cN
Total Travel: 3.70mm
Durability: >50M Actuations
LED Compatibility: SMD, RGB


A 62gF Operating Force Linear Switch Designed and Manufactured by MOMOKA



Satisfying and Solid Bottom-Out
​Deep and Thocky Sound


MMK Frog Linear Switch4.jpg

Extremely Smooth & Incredibly Stable 

The exceptional smoothness and stability of the switch are a result of the high-end materials used and the excellent tolerances of the moulds. In-factory lubrication is also added to improve the smoothness and sound profile.

Tolerances between the upper housing and the stem are accurately controlled to enhance the stability of the switch.

MMK Frog Linear Switch3.jpg

Ready-to-use Right Away

A complete lubrication is done in-house with GP105 and GP205 greases, meaning lubing at home is totally optional thanks to the pre-lubing.

The lubrication process gives the switch more smoothness and eliminates sounds made by the spring and leaf ping. It also enhances the bottom-out feeling.

MMK Frog Linear Switch2.jpg

Satisfying Finish and Finishing Touches

MMK Frog Linear Switch5.jpg

Force-Travel Diagram

We modified the bottom part of the stem to provide a deep and thocky sound, which further creates a sense of stability and concreteness when typing.

The springs in FROG switches are made of Japan exported SUS304 Steel, manufactured into springs with top-of-the-line machinery. This gives us springs with consistent properties, which enhances the feel and durability of them.

The FROG switch has an attractive feeling when using them because of the extended pre-travel. This provides a more concrete feel when typing, and typos are reduced when typing on the FROG switch. 

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90PCS Frog Switch
10PCS Flamingo Switch
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