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MMK Frog Linear Switch

The FROG Keyswitch

Material: PC (Upper Housing)

              POM (Stem)

              PA66 (Base)

              SUS304 Steel (Spring)

              CuSn4 (Contacts)

Greasing: Ex-Factory, GP105

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Box (108PCS)



​Type: Linear

Operating Force: 54cN

Maximum Force: 62cN

Total Travel: 3.70mm


Durability: >50M

LED Compatibility: SMD, RGB

-A 56cN Operating Force Linear Switch Designed Originally and Manufactured by MOMOKA




Confirming & Thick Feeling of Actuation

​Muffled Sounded Feedback 

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Extremely Smooth & Incredibly Stable 

The incredibly smoothness and stability of the stem result from the use of Dupont Material for the molding parts of the switch. Ex-factory Greasing is also included.

Tolerance between the Upper Housing and the Stem is accurately controlled to enhance the stability of the switch.

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Use it, at Your Fingertips

A complete Lubricate process is done with GP105 and GP205 Lubricates, during the manufacture of the FROG Switch. No additional greasing needed when you receive our product!

The lubricate process gives the switch more smoothness and eliminates sounds made by the crosspoint contact. It also enhances the rich feedback feeling. 

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​Fulfilling Rebounding & Charm Touches

We modified the bottom part of the Stem to provide a thick and muffled sound, which further extends the touch signature of confirmation.

MMK Frog Linear Switch5.jpg

Force-Travel Diagram

Springs in FROG switches are made of Japan exported SUS304 Steel, manufactured into springs with the best machinery. This gives us springs with unity diameters and durabilities, which enhances the resilience of them.

FROG switch has an attractable feeling when you operate them because of the extended pre-travel. This provides a more confirming feel when typing, and typos are reduced when typing on the FROG switch. 

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Reviewers & Distributors

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Fill in the details below and we will see if you are eligible for a free set of samples. If so, we will immediately dispatch your FROG Switch Samples.

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Who is Eligible

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You Pay

8.5USD for Global Standard Shipment

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You Get:

108PCS Frog Switch,

Plastic Trays for Switch,

A Nice Colored-Cardboard box Packaging

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