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Shark Tactile Switch


Type: Tactile
Mount: 5-Pin
Operation Point: 2mm
Total Travel: 4mm

Total Travel: 4mm
Upper Housing: Polycarbonate
Lower Housing: PA66
Stem: POM

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The tactile event of the MOMOKA Shark switch is remarkable compared to other tactile switches: 

1. Huge Tactility: With nearly 20 gF of force difference between the crest and trough of the press, this switch has huge tactility for the most dedicated fans of the format. 

2. Continuity: The press and travel have a continuous, smooth feel, ensuring the only tactile event you feel is the one that you’re supposed to.

3. Smoothness: With an extensive factory lubing process and close tolerances, this switch is sure to be smooth even without hand-lubrication.

4. Contact: The contact point between the stem and the electrical contacts has been designed and the materials selected specially so that every press is just as satisfying as every other. 


Typing Test

Shark Tactile Switch

Factory Lubed

2022-06-11 17-21-07 (A,R8,S4).jpg

Our lubrication system has been extensively tested, both by machine and by hand, to ensure the best out-of-box experience possible. We mix two kinds of Krytox lubricants, with a painstakingly selected ratio, to help replicate the hand-lubing experience- then, our patented mechanism lubricates the inside of the switch in 6 contact locations to provide our most exquisite factory lubrication process yet.

Dual-Stage Extended Spring

The springs are made of Japanese top-quality SUS304 steel, which, along with the best machinery possible, has allowed us to create a smooth extended-length, dual-stage spring with the least ping possible. This extended spring adds richness to the tactile event and assists in creating a comfortable rebound.

2022-06-11 17-17-40 (A,R8,S4).jpg

MOMOKA Upper Housing 

2022-06-11 21-21-15 (A,R8,S4).jpg

Our custom MOMOKA upper housing has a proprietary lens design, which helps to diffuse LED light evenly, and, thanks to being totally closed, helps to prevent the buildup of dust on the PCB. We have also taken steps to minimize interference with Cherry profile keycaps, regardless of whether your switches face north or south. You can find this housing on all of our switch products.

2022-05-20 02-14-38 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).png
2022-05-20 00-15-41 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).png
2022-05-20 01-47-32 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).png
2022-05-20 00-34-48 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).png
2022-05-20 01-27-55 (B,Radius8,Smoothing4).png
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