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MOMOKA is founded in Dec 2020. We mainly design and manufacture switches, keycaps, keyboards, etc. Thanks to our quality control framework and high-quality products, our brand is quickly recognized by customers around the world, and sales of products are implemented by our global distributors.

MOMOKA always puts distributors' interests in front of our own interests, and we believe that this will help us achieve long-term sustainability.


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First of all, you can apply samples at a very low price or even free if you become one of our distributors. What you need is to pay for the shipping fees.

Besides, we have a good margin for our distributors, and all of our products have good liquidity since we are also promoting ourselves via the internet. 

We have good quality control and packaging, our products have a really low (less than 0.1%) malfunction rate, which our distributors doesn't need to pay too much attention to customer care issues.

Last but not least, we have fast and low-cost shipment providers that are able to lower your carrying costs as much as possible. Also, we have accounts in different parts of the world which also helps you avoid transaction fees.

Please fill in the form below, and pay 8.5USD for the shipping fees of the 108PCS sample boxed switches. If you are qualified, we will dispatch your parcel the next day along with an email. If not, we will refund your 8.5USD.

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